Our Story

Who are you?

My name is Elisha Little, and I have always had a passion for flavor. 

How long you have been in business?

Our story began in 2021 in our home kitchen. I set out on a goal to make a sauce that would go perfect on any sandwich. The first sandwich for All-Sauce to go on was a spicy chicken sandwich. I had some left in the fridge afterward and found that it went well on many different foods, especially salad! I gifted bottles of All-Sauce to my students on Christmas 2021. They tried it on chips, apples and even fruit snack and said it was good. That's a little far stretched. But, it does truly go on everything! After much support over the next year we finally decided to make it official.  

Why you sell the items you sell?

Our products is originally made with store-bought ingredients. We are on a mission to transfer this recipe to be more homemade with less preserveative while keeping that same great flavor. Inspired by midwestern flavors and cajun spices, this sauce will bring the flavor and spice to any dish you can think of.